Frequany Asked Question


What categories of industry do you develop  mobile applications for?


SMDA Portal supports a variety and wide range of industries such as F&B (Restaurants, Coffee shops, Bars, Club), Hospitality services, Supermarkets, Salons, Barbershops, Hospitals, Healthcare, Beauty and Wellness businesses and many more! Let us know your business category and we will provide you with an awesome mobile app!




How helpful can a mobile app be for my business?

Mobile device platforms, such as IOS and Android, emerged into the corporate industry in so much ways. Adapting customer behaviors, decision making, personal choices, etc. This allowed applications from these platforms to be downloaded at a large amount per user. As a business owner or service provider, this is a door of opportunity to introduce your product with ease.

Do I need a mobile app for my business?


In this age of technology, mobile phone usage has been a part of daily routine for the majority of the population worldwide. Thus, this means it will be a major contribution for a business when it comes to marketing, advertising and presenting products and services to an ideal or potential customer.



What features does your platforms offer?


Our platforms provide the following features:

Enterprise apps

Native and Hybrid Apps platform

Video, live streaming and entertainment apps

Mobile games

Retail and mobile m-commerce apps

Cloud based apps

Control Panel

Database Management System

Intuitive UI

Android/IOS Optimization

UX Design

Push Notifications

In-app Advertisements

Multi-lingual system



How much do I pay for an app?


The cost of your app will depend on the functionality, system flow, additional features, your required platform (Android, IOS or Hybrid) and your required timeline. As soon as everything is discussed and consolidated, we will provide you with the proper quotation of the product and/or service.



How it is like working with SMDA Portal?


We work with our client/customers side by side from conceptualizing the product up to publishing and maintaining it. We ensure that your requirements are met and even beyond what your expectations are.