MASSAGE AND SPA MOBILE APPLICATION                                                     PRESENTATION

Making Application in Dubai


Do you want find better massage/spa service?

Lucky for you, mobile app now does it for you!

You can now book your appointment from your favorite salon through our mobile app.

Majority of the salons around already have a mobile app built for their business. This helps them get their business more known in the industry and also help them to provide better customer service when it comes to online booking and reservation.




Advantage of making a Massage/Spa Mobile Application


  • Users can have immediate access to massage/spa shops
  • Users are in charge of their appointment schedule
  • Appointments will be hassle free
  • Get in-the-know for promos and discounts


This Massage/Spa mobile application makes it much more efficient when it comes to servicing a customer. With a faster approach on reservation system, transactions will be less time consuming and provide better customer service experience, thus, making establishing your business identity in the industry.





Massage/Spa Mobile Application


Massage/Spa services is driven by what we call a repeated business. Same services being offered to customers. Though their services are looked after by customers, how can a business like such, provide better service to old timers and new comers?

Making a mobile app.

Here are some of the services that a Massage/Spa mobile app can offer:

  1. Mobile reservations – users can book an appointment online to avoid hassle from falling in line because of too much customers.
  2. Appointment reminders/push notifications – users can receive notifications regarding promos and discounts and also to remind them of their appointment schedule.
  3. Loyalty Programs/Special offers – you can offer your old customers and especially your new customers discounts and promos so that they will be coming back to your shop
  4. Gallery/List of Services – users can see the list of services offered and also gallery of massage services.
  5. Product selling – you can also offer your products like massage oils, scented candles, etc., through the mobile app.
  6. Product/Services reviews and ratings from customer – through this feature, you can monitor what area you need to improve and what services is selling the best for your customers. This way you can make adjustments and additional features as per your need.
  7. Advertisement – within the application is a built in advertisement page where you can share your business identity through the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.


Mobile application can help your business make big steps through digital marketing and advertisement. It will not only help you get more new customers, but also keep the old timers more satisfied and want to come back for more. It will also help you monitor your business statistics and let you know what areas needs improvement and development while continuously ensuring your success.