Supplier Mobile Application                                Application 

Making Application in Dubai


Majority of the businesses today are making a mobile app for their choice of business. This gives them an edge with their competitors. In this digital era, a business without a mobile application could be missing out an opportunity to attract new clients and even maintain the old customers.




Advantage of Suppliers Mobile Application


  • Get access to a client’s shops easier and faster
  • Purchase/sell online or reserve limited products availability
  • Get point and discounts when availing service
  • Introduce your business and be on top of the industry



This supplier’s mobile application makes it much more efficient when it comes to servicing a customer. With a faster approach on online payment system, transactions will be less time consuming and provide better customer service experience, thus, making establishing your business identity in the industry.




Suppliers Mobile Application


Having a mobile application for a business, especially for suppliers, will be a great contribution for the advertisements, sales and more efficient customer service. Mobile app increases the communication with a vast population of potential clients, regular customers and new comers.

There are many Suppliers in UAE, and if you want your business to provide better service and amenities to your customers, there is a way to improve this and have an edge to your competitors.

Making a mobile app.

Here are some of the services that a Tailoring Shop app can offer:

  1. Online purchasing – users can purchase online for suits that they have requested tailor-made for them.
  2. Reminders/push notifications – users can receive notifications regarding promos and discounts, and schedule of availing the service.
  3. Loyalty Programs/Special offers – you can offer your old customers and especially your new customers discounts and promos so that they will be coming back to your shop
  4. Gallery/List of amenities – Users can see photos of amenities and services which they can choose from.
  5. Services/products reviews and ratings from customer – through this feature, you can monitor what area you need to improve and what services is selling the best for your customers. This way you can make adjustments and additional features as per your need.
  6. Advertisement – within the application is a built in advertisement page where you can share your business identity through the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.


Mobile application can help your business make big steps through digital marketing and advertisement. It will not only help you get more new customers, but also keep the old timers more satisfied and want to come back for more. It will also help you monitor your business statistics and let you know what areas needs improvement and development while continuously ensuring your success.