User-experience Design


User’s experience is a major key throughout the development process of an app. UX designing focuses on the user satisfaction with functions and capabilities of a user, meeting its user’s needs in a particular aspect of the application. Not only we provide great functionality of the app, but also go beyond standards and provide higher usability, accessibility and desirability for users to download.

The user experience is meant to be an experienced user (customer satisfaction is the use of the site) and the user's convenience and users ' satisfaction in working with the site's UX.

 As a result, it can be said that a good or bad sense that users from your site will be transferred to their UX.


What is the UX




 Ux importance of UX? UX is among the things that affect SEO (yes it is very influential) because Google strongly reacts to the reaction and behavior of users on the site and can be detects that the site is useful for people who use it and give good sites that users have gotten a good experience in the results of Google and this topic One of the ways to get a site on Google's front page.