About us

Our mission

Bring home the smart world with SMDA! Now, we bring you smartness on your phones as well as laptops and other smart devices. For a long time, our clients have respected and rated us as one of the best in the industry of mobile and web app developers of world. We are known to create smartness using tools like simplicity, creativity and innovation, thus providing excellent quality and amazing service to our clients. We have seen it all in communication! Our presence was established when voice communication became mobile, and today when it is smart, we are still considered to be Numero Uno in the field of smart technology.

Our team gives an app for everything! Yes, everything! You want an app that would give you updates on buzzing news, something like an alert, we will have it made for you. If you are looking for an app that can allow you to socialize, we will give it to you. You name the conditions for the app, and our team will brainstorm to deliver a creative and interactive app to you. We are known to provide excellent interface and designs for an app. We are not just known in the industry to create and execute mobile and web apps, but also to introduce workable marketing strategies to promote the app, and ensure more and more downloads happen. We have strict testing environments and our quality codes and policies have essentially ensured that there are no bugs in the apps developed by us.


Quality solutions

Quality is our middle name! We have always assured our clients of quality and deliverable solutions that fit their requirement. Our team is known to create and innovate the design and development of mobile and web apps that ensure ease of use and quality interface thus enhancing the experience.


Customized offerings

If you want tailor made mobile and web app solutions, we offer you quality solutions. We understand your requirements, and offer the best possible solutions that help create workable mobile and web apps.


Experience & expertise

Our team comprises of solution providers who have both experience and expertise in the field of mobile and web app design and development. We offer techno managers who not just think different but strategize the whole process.


Our infrastructure

We have quality infrastructure. Right from dedicated servers to an excellent team combined with necessary software, licenses and place to work out things, our infrastructure seems to be complete. This is how we are able to offer you the best and absolutely creative solutions.