Mobile Technology in Business Profit and Productivity


Mobile Technology in Business Profit and Productivity



Over the past decade, the number of mobile phone usage has grown exponentially worldwide. Results have averaged to up to 6 ½ hours to a maximum of 8 hours per day. This allows businesses to use it as an advantage for their connection to clients, customers, vendors, or third-party consumers to avail of their product or services. A massive amount of people, almost 90% of the worldwide population uses a mobile phone at least every day, and this is something one business can use to widen their reach.



Marketing has never been easy through mobile technology. Gadgets today present a very advanced platform in which businesses and companies can lay down their markets and advertisements smooth and seamless. From the infamous SMS to Ads through social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.



Information availability through mobile allows businesses to get immediate feedback on their products/services. This factor provides companies to take action in a faster manner and implement development as real-time as possible, which is a major key for the entirety of the business to be ahead of every competitor. Product upgrades, better UIs, better system flow, are some of the major points of development that a business can focus more on this direct connection with clients.