Top 5 reasons why you need mobile app for your business


Top 5 reasons why you need mobile app for your business


At this age of modern advancements, people are using mobile phones during the most part of their day. Thus, a greater chance of coming across company ads, promotions that may attract potential visitors and users and turn them into customers/clients. Some of the platforms where ads and promotions can be seen are as follows:

Social Media (nowadays are more accessed through mobile/cellular phones)

Mobile Web

Mobile applications (Games, Tools, etc.)

Messaging Apps (Native Messaging App through SMS, MMS)



Mobile phone usage inside a business increases flexibility when working. The more flexible you are, invites a huge chance of a client going after your company rather than other competitors. For example, an owner of the business is away from the office and one client is in need of quotation or an excel sheet of products, or a PowerPoint presentation, the owner can send those through the mobile phone. And this immediate response can make a client go “Wow” and accept your business proposition.


Mobile phones today resemble your desktop or PC capabilities. Access your emails, edit your documents, access files from your computer, create a presentation, and send them over whenever and wherever you are deemed capable of doing so. This entitles you to be at the top of time-sensitive issues that may arise along the way. One good example is if one client is requiring a high priority document that needs to be sent, you can now send it without worrying that the file is in your computer and you cannot send it because you need a desktop email. Desktop applications have now mobile versions of their own, such as MS Office, Email apps, etc.


Mobile Phone is Worldwide

Communication is very essential to business process. Some, if not majority, of clients are across continents and may only be reached through the use of mobile phone. If you have an important meeting with your client who is on another country, time zone difference does not really make it impossible with mobile phones. You can conduct a quick video conference with communications apps such as Skype for Business, Cisco Webex, Google Hangouts, RingCentral, etc. 



Business can now be advertised through almost every platform available. Ads can be in other applications that are installed in other devices, videos that are being played, hyperlinked messages through SMS and many more. This helps provide business a large variety of mediums and platforms to choose from for advertisement and promotion.